Ambush Pasta Bar @ Ngee Ann City

Ahh yes it’s been a really long time since I last updated the blog. So before I start giving all my excuses reasons, I’d like to thank all who have been keeping tabs on this blog. I’ve been really busy with NS, transiting from BMT to SCS and everything else like escaping to Bali for a short while. Time’s not exactly on my side, so here goes!

When one talks about food in Takashimaya, the first thing that occurs to most would be the Takashimaya basement, where a vast variety of food and snacks huddle together in a well, not exactly the biggest space. And maybe it’s just me, but I always had the problem of finding a decent place to sit down and have a meal there. Well, not anymore. 

Ambush Pasta is a cute little eatery/restaurant snuck in the corner of the hustle and bustle of Takashimaya B2. As the name suggests, duh, the restaurant serves their own pasta creations, and we were treated to some surprises!


Baby Scallops in Fish Roe Cream (S$11.20)


Smoked Duck (S$11.80)

First up was the Baby Scallops in Fish Roe Cream, which was amazinggggg. I mean, how often do you get such generous servings of scallops? (Six, I counted). And the copious amount fo fish roe made the dish somehow too good to be true. I chose Linguine as the choice of pasta, because I like it. Haha and also because I prefer ‘proper-noodle-length’ pasta, and Linguine is broader, so more surface area for the sauce to stick on. Ok this is definitely a fushion dish with obviously Japanese ingredients and traditional Italian cream base (It’s a good time to be thankful for the good relations between the two countries). The Fish Roe mixed into the pasta elicits a very different texture, where you get an extra crunch to the pasta you are consuming. The scallops were of decent quality and tastes really good when dipping it in the cream base. The cream itself was neither too runny nor thick, perfect for consumption together with the pasta. 

The Smoked Duck was of an entirely different experience, not in terms of quality, but of style and flavour. Penne was chosen as the pasta, because it wasn’t my choice (I’m not complaining!). Nevertheless, it turned out to be the right choice. This dish, as you can deduce from it’s ‘greeness’, is an Olive Oil based pasta. The sauce includes a blend of different herbs and garlic, simple yet delicious. The slices of smoked duck were marinated to the T, not being too salty, but at the same time trapping the flavours inside securely. What makes these slices even more delectable are the thin strips of duck fat/skin lining the edges of the meat. Though small in proportion, they do pack a very powerful punch of flavours. This dish is comparably ‘stronger’ in taste, being more salty, oily, and generally ‘heavier’ than other pastas, suitable for those who prefer dishes with heavier tastes. 



Apple Crumble (S$4.80)


Brownie (S$5.50)

To be honest, the dessert were pretty much average. Had to order them, because hey, I don’t get all of these during the weekdays so give me a break okay!

Yeah so basically, Ambush Pasta is a pretty good choice for a meal at Takashimaya. I mean, you get really good stuff for the price you are paying. All GST are already included in the menu, and they do not impose service charge on customers, so the price you see on the menu is the price you pay. Price and quality wise it is definitely worth it, give it a try and you will be surprised.

Here’s the exact location of the restaurant:

391 Orchard Road

#B2-04 Ngee Ann City

 Now comes the tricky part. How do I get there? Ok firstly, this is located at Basement 2, where all the food in Ngee Ann City is. Then you walk towards the end Takashimaya Cold Storage. Once you reach the end, make a right turn (you can only turn right) and you’ll be able to see Ambush Pasta Bar straight ahead. If Cailing can get this straight, I really see no reason in you no being able to. It’s basically perched at the corner, so if you really can’t find it, ask around! Waiting time is pretty short, and the service is decent. It’s a good place to have a meal before/after shopping around the area so do check it out!

Some might wonder why my blog updates are always so erratic and I shall try to justify myself here haha. I’m currently serving NS so I only have my weekends to eat and review. By right, this will still warrant one review per week. However, by left, not every place I visit are review worthy. Some happen to fall below my expectations and I see no point in featuring a place that  even I myself won’t eat at again. I strive to bring you guys the best food at the cheapest price, so please understand. Thanks to all once again for the unwavering support, and it really encourages me to still see substantial views on my blog despite the frequent hiatuses. Cheerios! 


La Petite Cuisine @ Serene Centre

People! Haha this week I’m back with some French fare, not exactly Poulet style, but still worth the money nonetheless!

La Petite sits itself at the edge of serene centre, being at the end (or beginning) of the stretch of shops on the first floor. It’s not very eye-catching, and most would not even bat an eyelid while walking past. Well, I am part of that ‘most people’, because I’ve been passing by the little restaurant for six years and have never even considered looking, much less walking in. My loss.

The two of us decided to be a little more extravagant and indulged in a meal that was well, eye-opening mouth-watering to say the very least. This can be attested by the fact that we actually ordered an entree (yeah, poor kids can’t usually afford entrees) and what’s more, we had some Foie Gras. Mhmm I know, extravagant huh.


Ravioli of Prawns & Foie Gras in Light Lemon Creme (S$15)

Raviolis are basically like your Chinese dumplings, you can consider this a more atas version if you like. First up on the creme, which wasn’t as heavy as I thought it would be. It wasn’t very runny(which is good), and was really well matched with the freshly diced tomatoes mixed in the sauce. Now to the Ravioli, a wrapped up bunch of awesomeness. The prawns were pretty much fresh, but more work could be done on texture and toughness of the meat itself. Next came the Foie Gras and it was both our first time having it, and it was well, amazing. Foie Gras can be understood to be liver fat that comes from geese. It being a piece of fat, is definitely oily in taste, but that was not all. There’s a fragrance that will fill your entire oral cavity after taking just a small piece of it. Texture wise, it felt just like your regular chicken liver, with that sort of mushy texture, but at the same time retaining a certain degree of chewiness. Ok I understand the whole Foie Gra debate and controversy, but I have to admit that it does taste pretty darn good. And all we had was not a lot to begin with. This was definitely a good introduction of Foie Gra for me. Acquired taste maybe? You’ve got to try it for yourself.

Next were the 2 mains we ordered:


Filet of Fresh Salmon w/ Baby Spinach (S$16)


Confit de Canard w/Gratin Potato (S$17)

Honestly we were mainly here to try the Confit, so the Salmon was a trial-and-error sort of order, and we got lucky. As you tear away some flesh from the Salmon, you’ll notice a little difference in the shades of pink that the meat has. There’s the opaque, whitish pink that you can see from the outside. What’s special is the presence of this slightly darker shade of pink, that seems to be more translucent and juicy that is hidden inside. I didn’t notice it visually initially, until I tasted a somewhat ‘raw’ piece of flesh that I just removed from my fork. Not bad at all, because you don’t usually get this elsewhere. Most of the time it’s dry, overcooked pink Salmon, and this time, it was really something I didn’t expect and I was totally dying inside from overexcitement I really pleasantly surprised. The Baby Spinach was really tender, soft yet chewy. No idea how they do it but they did.

Now comes the star of the show: Confit De Canard. Originated from the Province of Gascony in France, it is prepared through the process of salt curing, and then poached in it’s own fat. This is simply madness, I don’t even know where to start. The meat was marinated really well, with the mixture of spices and condiments being really compatible. The texture is unrivalled, given that duck leg has lots of meat fibres and none of them gets stuck in your teeth. The meat was really tender, easy to detach from the bone, not too tough, but enough for you to chew until the fragrance come out. What deserves a special mention is the skin. I was entirely blown away by the piece of skin because it was so damn crunchy and fragrant. The fragrance literally explodes in your mouth and it just lingers in your mouth, tempting you to take the next bite just to feel that burst of flavours again. it’s really crazy. I have no idea how they do it but they did. IT’S TOO GOOD I CAN’T TAKE THIS NO MORE.

Well this meal was definitely an eye-opener for me, seeing all the familiar ingredients and meat being prepared and served in ways that are anything but common. Duck confit is available in many restaurants, but how many actually serve the entire drumstick and prepare it till such perfection. This is a good place to have your first Foie Gras, and I assure you that a small quantity would be enough to satisfy your tastebuds, and curiosity.

I think what’s the most valuable about this restaurant is the simple fact that it is not eye-catching as I mentioned earlier. It doesn’t really resort to flashy advertising and etc to make a name for themselves. What they do is, they serve good food. They don’t have that a many tables, but you always see it packed during meal hours. I really respect and appreciate this business attitude of theirs, focusing on preparing the best food they can for their customers.

Price wise, it is sort of on the high side, with the two of us paying S$24 each. However, for the quality of food we got, I think $24 is pretty much reasonable, or rather, it’s $24 well spent. I thought the experience was worth every penny, or cent, for that matter of fact. They do have a free flow of plain water which you can just refill on your own. Not that I’m cheapskate, but another point that I really appreciate, the fact that they don’t scrooge and be stingy about things like providing plain water. Furthermore, there is no GST or service charge, which is indeed very nice and generous of them.

Here’s the exacta address of La Petite:

10 Jalan Serene

#01-05 Serene Centre

The nearest MRT to Serence Centre would be Botanic Gardens on the Circle Line. It’s less than 5 mins from the station exit to Serene Centre so getting there shouldn’t be much of an issues. Be prepared to wait a bit during peak hours as they have limited seats, so do always try to go earlier.

I really find value in this humble little restaurant, quietly sitting at the corner, giving their best for each and every customer they serve. And thus I’ve took upon the job to promote this place a little.

One of my favourite quotes describes this dining experience really aptly:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Thanks to all once again for your continuous support for this blog! It’s your viewership that propels me to go on. I’m currently pretty busy with all the uni application stuff, so blog revamp might take some time. Look out for next week’s post!

Blackball @ The Star Vista

After the milk tea craze last year, there was a sudden surge of Taiwanese dessert and beverage brands in Singapore. Familiar names such as KOI, Gong Cha and ShareTea are all Taiwan originated and have clearly struck a name in the Singapore market. Well, this relatively fresh face I’m introducing is probably going to become the next big hit.

Blackball is basically a dessert kiosk that serves their specialty beverages just like your KOI, but what sets them apart is their signature dessert: the Blackball.


Blackball (S$4.50)

I try not to exaggerate, but I have to say that this is amazing. It might not look that appealing, but when the tastes of all ingredients combine, you’ll be thrown off your feet.

Ok so what’s inside this bowl of secret treasures awesomeness? First up we have grass jelly, super refreshing on a hot day (which is the weather most of the time). Then we have a bunch of chewy stuff variety of uhm Yam, Sweet Potato, Red Bean, and Pearls. Last but not least, the ingredient that I think gives the entire dessert life: Creamer.

Well there are different ways of having this dessert, in terms of hot/cold etc, but the most popular and what I think is the best way, is to have the ice blended one. I mean, that’s the whole point of desserts right, it’s supposed to be cold!

Blackball somehow managed to find the secret recipe to making awesome dessert. The combination of the ingredients they add into the bowl is simply delectable. That probably took them countless trial and errors to come up with something so genius. See, what’s in the bowl are all simple ingredients, but who would’ve thought to put them all together to create something so good. Haha alright maybe I am getting too high engrossed, but hey, I really think they deserve it. I find that there’s really value where small, simple things, when added together, can become something so impressive. Respect.

Here’s the exact address of Blackball:

1 Vista Exchange Green

Unit#02-14/15, The Star Vista

Singapore 138617

Seems like they are expanding, having new outlets in Bedok, Katong and Bugis, think there’s one more in Clementi too. See, I was right about next big hit.

Thanks to all for your support and viewership, it really encourages me to carry on when I see my stats jump haha. Do look out for more of my posts, while I try to touch this place up a bit. Thanks people! 😀

Morganfield’s @ The Star Vista

Hello all, I’m finally back with a new post. First up I’d like to apologize for this excruciatingly long hiatus I took from updating the blog, due to a combination of technical and time management and laziness issues. I’ll try my best to update more frequently I swear.

If you live somewhere in the western area of Singapore, I’m sure you’ve heard of this up-and-coming mall located night next to Buona Vista MRT. Yes, the Star Vista is becoming one of my top most visited places, not because it’s 2 stops away from my place, but more because of the fact that it houses a wide variety of restaurants of different styles and cuisines. It probably is one of the most concentrated malls in terms of restaurant variety, more so than some of the malls in town. If you’ve never been there before, this post can be the perfect impetus for you to make that trip.

Morganfield’s, the “Home of Sticky Bones” is your typical American diner known for it’s, yeah you guessed it, pork ribs! (lol you want a prize for that?) We didn’t really bother taking a second look at the menu, and ordered what we came here for: Ribs. What took us some time was choosing the flavour for the ribs, and I’ll explain abit more on that in a bit.

Here’s what we got:


Smoked Peppercorn Spare Ribs (S$24.90)


Hickory Wood-Smoked BBQ Ribs (S$24.90)

They were pretty darn good, I have to say. And honestly, I find ribs more interesting and enjoyable to consume as compared to other parts of pork, mainly because you kinda get a bit of everything in that portion. Please allow me to shed some light on this issue of pork ribs (I’m being serious here). See, in a portion of ribs, there are already different parts and textures. There’s the lean meat, the one you get in your pulled pork burgers. There are the juicy fats, lying around the edges of the lean meat, oh-so-good when you eat them together. There are the soft bones, which are fun to chew on(ok maybe not everyone appreciates that). Lastly, there’s the tender meat that wraps itself around the bones. So you see, so much content in a plate of ribs. Right right enough of that. What caught me off guard was the tenderness of the entire slab of ribs. Yeah you’d expect some challenge in getting the meat off the ribs, but that was a breeze in fact. The ribs can be pulled out from the meat easily, without any cutting or searing. A thumbs up to Morganfield’s for that, making it more convenient for consumption.

Flavour wise, there are 3 to choose from. Apart from the above 2, there’s one more Tuscan Baked Spicy Spare Ribs. Basically it’s a spicy tomato sauce, which we thought wouldn’t suit ribs as well, and also because someone can’t really take spicy (ahem ahem). The Spicy Peppercorn had a very strong black pepper taste to it, which suited the ribs pretty well. Along with the grilled ribs, it was quite a good combination. The BBQ ribs were decent too, other than the fact that I thought the flavour wasn’t strong enough for me.

We were there for lunch and they were (and still are) offering set lunch promotions from 11am to 3pm from mon to fri. The set lunch comes with a choice of soup or salad, along with a free-flow of soft drinks, where you get unlimited refills. Ok I have to apologize now for not remembering the exact cost of the meal, but it averaged to $30 max per person, which I think is quite a good deal for such a filling and enjoyable meal.

Being your typical American diner, there are no qualms about the serving portions. They are ginormous huge. Half a slab of ribs is definitely enough for one person, and with that coming from me, you can be rest assured that it is more than enough. Along with the ribs came a generous portion of thick-cut fries, which will further make you feel sick from too much food expand your stomach capacity. Don’t finish them if you really can’t, no point forcing yourself and end up feeling sick in the stomach (finish the ribs at least).

Here’s the exact address of Morganfield’s:

1 Vista Exchange Green

Unit #02-23, The Star Vista

Singapore 138617

The ribs here are really worth a try, relatively affordable in view of their serving portions. Morganfield’s is definitely one of the restaurants to look out for in this bustling and kicking foodie paradise.

Once again, I’d like to thank all those who’ve been keeping tabs on my blog and I’m really flattered and encouraged to still see substantial viewership despite my inactivity. I’m currently in the process of procuring a domain and refurbishing this blog, so do watch out for this space and I’ll be back with more surprises! Thank you all once again for the support and I’ll see you soon! 🙂

The Song of India @ 33 Scotts Road

Back with another post this week, hope you enjoy it!

Our sense of exploration and desire to relive the tastes we experienced in the Land of Pi brought us to this restaurant located in Newton. Being a 5 minutes walk away from the MRT station itself, we found the place without much difficulty. Snuck in the prime location of Newton, this restaurant homes itself in a black and white historic, heritage bungalow. The sense of grandeur kinda washed over us, and we were simply in awe of this classy, high-end restaurant.

The restaurant is currently celebrating it’s 6th anniversary and they are having this lunch buffet promotion at S$19.90++ per person (that being one of the reasons we chose this place). Image

The buffet area and Captain Delias

To be honest I was rather disappointed initially to see that they didn’t have that big a spread, but on hindsight, it was actually alright. The picture above does not capture the entire buffet area, I missed out the dessert/salad aisle on the left (forgive me!).


Some of the dishes available

The variety of dishes they provide are in fact pretty decent, for example Goan Fish Curry, Murgh Lababdar, Paneer Taka Tak and Aloo Jaipuri. Haha I honestly have no idea of what I’m typing they mean other than the first one, but damn, they all taste pretty darn good. Indian cuisine is famous for its exotic spices, and we had a fair share of that. Every dish has a unique taste of its own, despite being similar in one way or another. And yes, they did remind me of India. Not just because it’s Indian cuisine, but that exact flavour I tasted when it entered my mouth. The Paneer Taka Tak (the tofu thing if i’m not mistaken), especially, tasted exactly like what I had in India wait while I continue reminiscing those good ol’ days. 


Tomato Che Saar

This Tomato Che Saar deserves a special mention because it’s like the greatest appetiser ever. The tomatoes add a very zesty and tangy taste to the soup, which is in fact loaded with spices, creating the effect that all appetisers strive towards: to make you wanna eat more and more.Image

Mango Shrikand

This is one of the more unique desserts I’ve tasted in a while. It’s basically super finely whipped mango with maybe yoghurt? It tasted really fresh though, as if you were eating the fruit itself. The cold paste made really good dessert, being a good contrast from the heavy- going curry dishes. An interesting thing to note would be the fact that there are spices in every dish they serve. See the little black bits in the mango paste? Yeah, those are spices too.

The food in general tasted really authentic, and they prepare the food on the spot, with the grill and pots etc being right infront of the buffet aisles. Quality wise it’s definitely a-ok.

As I mentioned previously, the restaurant is currently having their anniversary promotion, with lunch buffets from monday to saturday, 12pm-3pm, at the price of S$19.90++, which adds up to around S$23 per person. To be honest, it is a complete steal. This is a high end restaurant featured in the magazine “Best of Singapore” for it’s poise and grandeur. The buffet promotion was supposed to end last year, but due to popular demand, the management decided to extend it to the last day of June 2013 (all hail to that). There is a free flow of ice water, but drinks, cocktails, mocktails etc are all charged separately.

The staff there are mega friendly, being spontaneous and genuine in interacting with guests. The manager even brought us around the restaurant for a tour and from which we learnt that the restaurant is a frequent host of VIPs, very atas indeed. There are 2 dining areas available,  one indoor and the other alfresco style, both of which have pros and cons so it depends on personal preference and availability of seats. If you are going in a big group, it’ll be wise to make a reservation. If otherwise, a walk-in should be all alright.

Here’s the exact address of the restaurant:

33 Scotts Road

Singapore 228226

Once again it’s a 5-10mins walk from Newton MRT station, pretty accessible in my opinion. Despite not having that much variety, paying S$23 for that quality of unlimited Indian cuisine is worth it for sure. Be sure to make it there before the promotion ends!

Thanks to all who’s been reading and following my blog, it’s your viewership that encourages me to keep posting. Thanks again and enjoy!

Poulét @ Bugis+

It’s been a really long time since my last post, mainly due to my laziness  lack of time. Whatever it is, I’m pretty encouraged that there are still visitors on this blog so this post goes out to ya!

Poulét (poo-ley) is a french restaurant located on the 4th floor of Bugis+, basically where all the food are. It’s very hard to miss, with it’s giant  signboard being strikingly obvious, and its layout/decor simulating french alfresco dining. Had dinner here with my family, so we ordered a fair amount of food.

First was the appetiser, the only vegan dish we ordered for the meal.


Salad de Paris (S$9.80)

There’s nothing much to say about the salad, because it’s really pretty normal. Basically your garden salad with avocado and tomatoes drench in really heavy french dressing. Found it a bit too heavy-going for my liking though.

Next came the soup.


Mushroom Soup (S$5.80)

What makes this different from your everyday mushroom soup, would be the abundance of mushroom bits in the soup. The soup was creamy and wasn’t too salty, pretty good in my opinion. Wasn’t really French per se, but hey, I’m not complaining.

Another appetiser, sort of.


Escargot ($8.80)


The Escargot wasn’t as impressive as I thought of it to be, being rather bland in flavour. Despite being doused in tomato fonduegarlic butter, and olive oil, the escargot was sort of wasted due to it’s lack of flavour. 

Next up are the main courses, the must haves when you visit this restaurant. 


 Oxtail de Bourguignon (S$15.80)


Poulet Roti (S$28.80)

The Oxtail was marinated to the T, with a very smooth texture in every bite. You can literally feel the meat melt in your mouth, while the flavours of the red wine sauce explode in your mouth. There is a combination of both fats and lean meat served in the dish, it’s heaven if you have them both in one bite. 

The Poulet Rotibeing the signature dish of he restaurant, is definitely a must have when you’re here. For me personally, the best way to test if a dish of chicken is well done, is to assess the breast meat (if there is, that is). This is due to the fact that chicken breast meat is naturally tougher and dryer than other parts, the most difficult to marinate(for the sauce to seep in), therefore good breast meat = good chicken? Haha that’s my logic. Back to the dish itself. The chicken was roasted really well, with the skin being crispy while at the same time having the meat remaining tender and juicy. Honestly there’s nothing much to comment on the meat itself, but what stood out was in fact the sauce that the chicken was served in. It’s a very light, runny cream sauce that didn’t seem like the best thing to go with roasted chicken. I was honestly skeptical, but at the same time eager to find out what the combination would taste like. And I was treated to a surprise! The light cream sauce was unexpectedly refreshing, instead of being too strong as I thought it to be. The combination of tastes is pretty unique, not what you usually get for chicken dishes. It is a definite must try (not sure how many times have I repeated this).

Last up was the dessert!


Tiramisu (S$7.80)

The Tiramisu was a very delightful course, as there were very distinct layers of cream and sponge cakes. The cream wasn’t too strong and was instead refreshing. Blended together with the strong Cocoa-soaked and Marsala Wine-soaked sponge cakes, the taste was just right.

The pricing of the food, as you can see, is considered reasonably affordable for the fare you get. The serving portions are entirely reasonable, given the price paid. Maybe not the most authentic French fare you can get out there, but by looking at the price alone, Poulét is a must visit. 

Here’s the exact address of the restaurant:

201 Victoria Street
Bugis+, #04-12
Singapore 188067

The restaurant’s popularity can be witnessed by the long queue it amasses during meal times. I queued for around 35-40mins on a saturday night, right smack in the middle of dinner time. What I suggest is to go earlier, but that might not help because the dining area is not exactly very huge, furthermore the restaurant does not accept reservations,  so I guess waiting is unavoidable.

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays, 11.30am till 9.30pm

Next time you go shopping at Bugis+, do remember to give this restaurant a try!

Ok I know I always say I’ll update my bog as soon as possible, and that’s what I will do. ASAP.  See ya and thanks for the support!


Provence @ Holland Village

Firstly, I’ve really gotta apologize for being MIA for such a long long time. The reason is because I’m currently serving NS (National Service, basically the army), and thus I won’t be around during the weekdays to post food reviews. However, I’ll try my best to do them on the weekends when I bookout, and I’ll try my best to post at least one review per week alright! This post is actually way overdue, but I’m doing it anyway so enjoy!

This little bakery/cafe is fit snugly in a row of shophouses in Holland Village. With a bright red signboard and a giant croissant sticking out of it, it is really difficult to miss it. Provence has the availability of both in-shop dining area and the part-alfresco outdoor dining area, so you have the choice of enjoying air-conditioning or natural breeze or the lack-thereof . 

It is in itself a bakery to begin with, so like all bakeries, you get to choose bread from the rack, place them on your tray and pay for them at the counter. What makes this bakery different is that you can have your bread there right on the spot, along with a cup of coffee(which I didn’t try). You can have your bread toasted, or rather re-heated , and have them served to you on plates. There are like a gazillion huge variety of bread to choose from and here I am to recommend a must have. 

ImagePizza Bread (S$2.90)

I understand that you must be thinking how good can this pizza from a bakery can get. Trust me, I had my fair share of doubts too when Cailing recommended it. I was really doubtful, given that it didn’t exactly look the most appetising, but I still went ahead with it. And boy, was I pleasantly surprised! To say that it’s cheesy would be a giant an understatement. The amount of mozzarella cheese they top off in it is off the charts. The combination of the right amount of mayonaise and cheese makes you wanna chomp down the entire pizza without making you feel sick of it. The black sesame seeds embedded in the crust, or rather bread elicits a fragrance in every bite, contributing o the overall success of this pizza-bread thing. Haha not to over-embellish and to keep it simple, it’s a must try, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised, trust me.

ImageBacon and Eggs Bread 

I swear this thing looked freaking good and I bought it because it looked appealing. I was however, bitterly disappointed, because it really sucked. The bread was really dry, like the ones you get ou of those packets you buy form supermarkets. The bacon was basically a piece of fat, and the omelette was practically tasteless. Yeah, you can imagine the outcome of all these combined. It was so bad that I couldn’t even finish it. If you see this and you think it looks good, think again. Haha pardon me for being so serious, but it was really bad as compared to the Pizza Bread. 

Anyway, one thing to note is that they have moved out of they snuggly little corner, and here’s their new place!Image

Yup, and their opening hours are as follows:


So to put it simply, you must give the Pizza Bread a try, and just grab other bread that appeals to you visually. Yeah, you might end up like me getting conned by the bacon, but hey, no pain no gain right?

One thing I’ve learnt from this food expedition is to not judge food based on it’s looks. The famous “not to judge a book by it’s cover” can in fact be applied to a lot of areas in life, including food!

Alwight, we’ve come to the end of this post, and I’ll try to update this blog at least once a week from now on. Thanks and see you people!